Jumping Castle Hire Cape Town

Standard Jumping Castle Large Jumping Castle
Standard Jumping Castles Large Jumping Castles
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Water Slides Mini Jumping Castles

If a party is going to have kids in attendance, arranging for a Jumping Castle Hire Cape Town is critical. Kids love to expend their energy bouncing around alone, with each other, and often times in large groups. This will be a welcome addition to the parents and children of just about any gathering. When renting a jumping castle for a special event, there are some important things to consider

Choosing the right size and shape of Jumping Castle Hire Cape Town is critical. So many times people underestimate the amount of space available for the equipment and it typically ends in frustration. Measure the area to ensure there is plenty of room. It is also important to remember that there should be a clear area all around the jumping castle. It should not be right beside anything. As they jump, kids do tend to move out to the sides and the corners and there should be plenty of room for some give

Just as important is making sure that the equipment is set up right and properly anchored. For the average person this is an overwhelming undertaking. Filling the Jumping Castle Hire Cape Town takes time. Throughout the set up there are steps taken to ensure the safety of the guests and care of the equipment. In most cases, a rental includes a professionally trained individual for both set up and take down. Making sure the jumping castle is properly anchored will give everyone at the party peace of mind.

Supervision is required whenever a Jumping Castle Hire Cape Town is set up. Kids will be kids and everyone gets excited to get in and get to jumping. An adult should be at the entry way making sure that only a certain number of children are in at the same time. This also helps in making sure that everyone gets a turn at the fun. If there are children of all different ages in attendance it can be tough to prevent accidents. Consider letting kids of similar age groups go in together. Then, make a change and allow the older children to have some time.